443: Living Younger, Longer with Australia's other dad Dr Norman Swan

Dr Norman Swan is a physician and journalist most recently known for Coronacast - the Walkley Award winning Podcast that he hosts with Tegan Taylor.

Combining his decades of experience in journalism and healthcare, Dr Swan has a way of cutting through myths, half-truths and misconceptions about our health and lifestyle choices that deliver the absolute facts to us - in my experience allowing me to make a informed decision, as much as that may be an uncomfortable decision.

Following his most recent best-selling book “So you think you know what’s good for you?” Dr Norman Swan returns with another no-nonsense book “So you want to live younger, longer”. It’s a book packed with the latest research and guidelines to maintain vitality into your later years.

And don’t think that if you’re in your 20’s this stuff isn’t for you. Choices we make in our 20’s and 30’s can be the difference between us missing your grandkid’s birthday because you’re hiking the Camino de Santiago in your 70’s and missing your grandkid’s birthday because it’s at a venue that involves stairs.

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