Ep 236: Todd Sampson

Todd Sampson is an adventurer, award-winning documentary-maker, television presenter and businessman. Originally from Canada, he’s made a home for himself in Australia where he rose to become one of the most influential business executives in the country.  

Known to Australians as the guy in the t-shirt on one of Australia’s most successful and longest-running panel shows “Gruen”, Todd’s TV career took on a life of it’s own.  

Aside from his TV work, Todd's business resume is formidable. He’s the former CEO of the Leo Burnett ad agency, he currently sits on the board of Qantas and Fairfax, plus he’s an active investor and advisor in Australia’s start-up scene.  

However first and foremost - Todd is an adventurer. As you’ll hear, his quest for adventure and finding what lies beyond where his is comfortable has lead him to every corner of the globe, putting himself in places and situations that push the limits of human endurance in an effort to see what is on the other side of where most other people would turn back.  

Somewhere along the way, Todd began to film his adventures and that has lead him to an incredibly successful career as a documentary maker, writing and producing "Redesign My Brain", "Life on the Line" and most recently "Body Hack".  

I’m fascinated by Todd. His constant quest to discover what else he and in a way all of us are capable of when we take ourselves outside of the climate-controlled, low danger, low energy output, constant caloric intake world we have built around ourselves - is so inspiring to me. In the last few months I’m discovering what can happen for me when I go beyond what I thought I was capable of, and it has been transformational.  

With Todd, he’s doing it on another level altogether and you can see the results as he pushes himself into the limits of human endurance not just for great footage - but to see what else he will then be capable of with the knowledge that he can do such extreme things and come out the other side.  

I could have talked to Todd for hours - but I think you’ll get a real kick out of this one. You might even need to listen twice.  

The new season of Body Hack starts on Thursday night here in Australia, 8:30pm on Network Ten. Don’t miss it, it’s a life-changer.  

If you enjoy this conversation please let Todd know, he’s on twitter @toddsampsonOz (https://twitter.com/toddsampsonOz).  

Enjoy this adventurous conversation with Todd Sampson.

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