Ep 222: Beverley Mirolo

Beverley Mirolo OAM is the chairman of the Leukaemia Foundation Australia and she’s participating this year in the world’s greatest shave.  

Bev’s got an incredible story - she grew up in country Queensland, trained as a nurse from the age of sixteen and is still a RN now in her 70s.  

Through her work she had first-hand exposure to the challenges faced by people living with blood cancers. She started working at the Royal Brisbane Hospital in 1980 where she played a major role in the planning and development of the Leukaemia Foundation Bone Marrow Transplant Unit there.  

Beverley has dedicated her life to helping and caring for people living with these diseases, elevating through her career to be the CEO Haematology Oncology Clinics of Australasia before she retired. And then in a strange twist - was diagnosed with a blood cancer herself.  

Her story is incredibly moving, and I hope it moves you do support her doing the 20th anniversary of the World’s Greatest Shave - you can support her http://osh.is/worldsgreatestshave  

I hope you enjoy this conversation with the wonderful Beverly Mirolo.

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