346: Leanne Hall

Leanne is a registered psychologist and has worked as a Therapist for over 20 years. More recently she was the Therapist and Relationship Expert on Channel 7’s Bride & Prejudice. Leanne has featured as an expert on relationships, mental health & wellbeing across many media; including TV, editorials, print/online publications as well as podcasts. She is a published author, having published her first book in 2017 in addition to several book chapters. She is currently completing her PhD at Sydney University in a completely different area; Ultra Running. Where she is researching embodied ways to overcome injury.

Married with 2 children; Leanne also lives the every-day challenges of being a working mum, and with her eldest about to embark on the HSC - she is confident that she will continue to make mistakes, and blunder through life just like everyone else!


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