Ep 237: Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is a singer, songwriter and producer from Sydney, Australia.  

He’s on instagram and twitter @guysebastian  

The first winner of Australian Idol back in 2003, he and I have known each other for most of our careers.  

We’ve had interviews along the way, at Channel [v] or on radio - but he and I have never spoken like we speak today.  

Guy Sebastian has an incredible voice, and is a very, very successful recording artist in Australia because he works harder than almost anyone.  

However along the way Guy has had his struggles, and in this conversation he and I unlock a massive catalyst for change that happened with Guy, and it only happened in the last 18 months.  

To put it simply, daily physical exercise changed his life. I’ll let him take you through it, however the way he describes how hitting the gym every day has changed the way he works, thinks and feels, changed so many things outside of the gym - well, I related to it so much because that has been my experience too.  

Guy is a very deep soul, a kind man, and a man who feels great empathy and love for his life and also those who enjoy his music.  

He spent a few hours in my apartment and we could have chatted all afternoon, however I think in this one we really unlocked a few keys to what makes Guy Sebastian one of the greatest performers our country has ever seen.  

He’s a complete inspiration to me, and I hope you get the same feeling when this conversation is over that I did. One of elation, and a desire to go and move my body.  

Guy’s touring around the country in the next few weeks, tickets are available at guysebastian.com  

Even if you’ve never seen him live, after hearing this I’m sure you’ll want to go just so you can spend time being in the same room as him, because hs’e a very special human.  

Please enjoy this long-overdue conversation with Guy Sebastian.  

You can book tickets for his upcoming tour http://www.guysebastian.com - if you liked the chat, please let him know on twitter or instagram.

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