Ep 213: Quentin Kenihan

My guest today is a giant amongst men. 

He’s a man by the name of Quentin Kenihan. @qkenihan on Twitter. 

We’ve known each other about fifteen years, and I’m glad he’s a mate. 

He was born with brittle bone disease, which basically means if you hug him too tight, you’ll break him. 

The last time he told me, he’d counted 662 broken bones in his life. That number has probably eclipsed that number by now. 

Quentin has been told by too many doctors to count that “this could be it” and “you might not make it”, and yet - his drive, persistence and passion for life keep going and his perspective where we can all learn from gets higher and higher. 

Quentin’s been in a wheelchair his whole life - and he lives in Adelaide with his excellent dog Patchy. 

Find him at https://twitter.com/qkenihan and https://www.instagram.com/qkenihan/, let him know you heard him here. 

I’m glad you’re here. 

Merry Xmas. 

Enjoy getting to know Quentin Kenihan.

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