Ep 212: Chris Raine

Chris Raine is the founder and CEO on the not-for-profit “Hello Sunday Morning” you can find him on Twitter by following @ckraine.  

And if you like, you can download that app daybreak. Downloaded from wherever you download me.  

Hello Sunday morning is all about creating a healthy relationship to alcohol. So when is conversation Chris and I talk a lot about his journey with alcohol, I talk about my journey with alcohol-most of the story you may have heard before but if you’re new it'll be the first time.  

This conversation maybe confronting. All I ask is that you listen. If you feel afterwards inspired to approach your next drink differently-good for you. If you don't, also good for you. I thoroughly recommend checking out their website https://www.hellosundaymorning.org/ and just spending some time, exploring various questions they have to ask. You may go there because you're concerned about someone else-well there is support there for you as well.  

I'm really grateful Chris came around, he's doing very important work in our community. I'm one of these people as I told you before that can't have one drink because then I'll have 100. You might be lucky, you might be able to only have a few and then stop. Or you might be somewhere between. Whatever your relationship is to alcohol, I'm grateful you're here and I'm really grateful you listening to this.  

Enjoy this conversation with Chris Raine.

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