Ep 224: Tess Haubrich

Tess Haubrich is an Australian Actor who you can find on instagram @tesshaubrich (https://www.instagram.com/tesshaubrich). 

She's currently starring in Wolf Creek 2, available on demand on Stan in Australia - she’s also in the Ridley Scott film Alien Covenant and  kicking ass and taking names in the Jackie Chan film Bleeding Steel. 

She’s an absolute badass and proved this by showing up at the apartment with her 2yr old when the sitter didn’t eventuate. 

So, through this show you’ll hear the occasional interruptions of Tess’ kid who was a delight to have around - and you’ll probably hear a few sounds of parenting that occur as she effortlessly kept her child occupied while she and I talked. 

It would have been easy for Tess to cancel the chat - but she didn’t. 

She came around and we had a great chat and I can’t thank her enough for that. It speaks volumes to the kind of person that she is, and I can’t wait for you to get to know her.

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