Ep 232: Shane Perkins

My guest today is elite cyclist Shane Perkins, you can find him on twitter @perkoperkins

Shane is an Olympic Games Bronze Medalist, a world champion team sprinter and a former Keirin track world champion.  

Shane’s story is one of coming out from under his father’s shadow, committing to a goal and striving for what he wanted. 

We might not all be track cyclists capable of exploding an astonishing 2500w of power out of our legs, but we all have something that we want to get done. 

Shane’s story is so great because for him, those few seconds standing on the podium while the anthem plays - that’s not what he’s doing this for.  

He’s doing it for the journey.  

He’s doing it for what he’ll learn about himself on the way to stepping up on that small piece of oblong carpentry that stands on the edge of the track. 

That to me is the most inspiring part of Shane’s story - that the journey itself IS the reward. 

We caught up over Skype, thanks for allowing me to do more Skype chats guys. 

Enjoy this conversation with Shane Perkins.

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