Ep 243: Abdullah Zeinab

Abdullah Zeinab is a plant-based ultra-endurance cyclist, a man with a crystal clear outlook on life and the capacity for incredible self-awareness. You can find him on YouTube by searching The Glucose Network, or follow him on Instagram @abdullahzeinab

Abdullah is a prominent figure in both the plant-based and cycling community, his videos online and live streams are the stuff of legend.

However - recently Abdullah completed the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, an ultra-endurance, unsupported bike race from the Indian Ocean in Western Australia, across the bottom of the continent all the way to the Sydney Opera House and the Pacific Ocean.

The 2018 edition of the race was officially cancelled just hours before the event began, however with riders from all over the world already gathered in Fremantle, the GPS trackers already fitted to the bikes, many riders chose to ride the route at their own risk.

Abdullah averaged more than 500km a day as he rode his bike across the Nullarbor Plain (literally the Latin name for No Tree) and ended up over 5000km later finishing the course in incredible time.

Abdullah’s story of what he has not only discovered about himself through his life but most definitely what he discovered about himself on that bike ride - is truly inspirational.

I was so impressed with Abdullah as a human. He came here to the flat with his lovely girlfriend, and we sat across from each other while he gratefully opened up to my questions, fearlessly exploring the areas I asked him about.

He talks fast, so this one might need a second listen in case you miss something.

I’m so grateful Abdullah came around, and I’m so grateful he was so open as this conversation took some turns, and went into some pretty deep concepts that might challenge you, and might even open your eyes to a way of seeing the world you hadn't thought about before.

It certainly did for me.

Enjoy this conversation with Abdullah Zeinab.

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