Ep 211: Nigel Marsh

Nigel Marsh is an Author, Speaker, Body Image activist and the powerhouse behind “The Sydney Skinny” which is one of the largest organised skinny dips in the world, in an effort to promote body positivity and a healthier relationship with your self.

Nigel wrote the best selling book “Fat, Forty and Fired”, and has a brilliant outlook on life that will challenge whatever amount of comfort you have in your comfort zone, causing you to look at what it is you’re doing with your day, or even your life. He’s a very good salesman because after this chat, I signed up to his swim - even though I’m utterly terrified of being naked in public, even just shirtless in public - but if you sign up to the Sydney skinny, you’ll find me there. http://thesydneyskinny.com.au

Nigel has a brilliant Ted talk which is about work/life balance which I thoroughly recommend, link is https://www.ted.com/talks/nigel_marsh_how_to_make_work_life_balance_work.

We get deep on this one, and we even get into the talk about drinking - as Nigel and I both share the fact that we don’t drink.

This chat might challenge you - might challenge how you look at your work, your life, your body and maybe even your drinking.

That’s a lot to pack into a conversation - so let’s get to it.

Wherever you are right now, at home, at the gym, driving, in a plane, hiking, walking, running, gardening, kayaking, or any other kind of thing that you’re doing - thanks for having me, and enjoy this conversation with Nigel Marsh.

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