Ep 217: Jan Fran

My guest today is Jan Fran. Find her on twitter @Jan__Fran 

Jan is the co-host of the nightly SBS news show “The Feed”. 

She’s an incredibly skilled journalist and documentary producer who’s covered stories in places you’d be to frightened even fly over.

Her recent work is available to see online at https://www.sbs.com.au including her documentary “America’s first climate change refugees” which we talk about at length in this conversation. 

Jan speaks three languages, but because I only speak one we did this podcast in English. 

Her story is inspirational, and it made me happy - because as the world careens to ever more critical problems that will only be solved with a global decision making process, Jan will be there to help us make sense of whatever is going on. 

This conversation does cover some pretty grim subject matter, so when you hear us talking about her time working in Africa if you’re feeling a bit sensitive to stories of kids in hardship you can skip forward about ten minutes and you’ll be safely on the other side. 

This is a long one, but it’s worth ever moment. 

Please enjoy this rigorous and fun conversation with the incredibly talented Jan Fran.

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