Ep 194: Morgan Koegel

Morgan Koegel is the CEO of OneGirl.org.au

They’re a non-profit that are on a mission to educate one million girls across Africa. They believe that every girl has a right to an education and work predominantly across Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Morgan has had an interesting career that’s also included working in prisons in Victoria where she helped again with transforming lives through education.

These two things alone are incredible reasons to hear Morgan’s story - however, there’s something else quite pertinent.

Morgan is the adult child of a Same Sex Marriage.

She has to Mums and we talk at length about her experience, what she felt as a child growing up and how she feels now.

If you’re worried about how things might turn out for the children, if you’re concerned for the welfare of other people’s kids who aren’t born yet - have a listen to how Morgan describes her perspective on the situation.

I hope it sheds some light on things for you.

So draw a glass of clean and safe water from the tap, maybe even visit a flushing toilet during this podcast, and revel in the privilege that we have as living in a modern society as you listen to Morgan talk about how she’s trying to bring girls across the world opportunity that they otherwise might never have, and enjoy this chat with Morgan Koegel.

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