Ep 256: Eating plant-based on a budget with Emma Roche

Emma Roche is an Australian author and whole-food plant-based food advocate who lives year-round in Belgium. 

You can find her on instagram @plantplate

I’m very aware of the privilege that I have as a white, male, middle class guy that I can afford to live a plant-based life. 

Indeed at times in my life I have definitely gone overboard and bought the $20 jar of organic virgin dirt single origin solar-powered peanut butter.

However it doesn’t have to be like that. 

And lately I’ve been getting more and more frugal about how I feed myself to live this way, and you know what - chickpeas are cheap. Rice is cheap. Veggies are cheap. 

It doesn’t have to be a Gwennyth Paltrow $470 a week for one person grocery bill. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. 

This is where Emma Roche comes in. 

She’s written a couple of brilliant books about living a whole-food plant based life on a budget. In fact they do what they say on the box 

“Whole Food Plant Based on $5 a day” is the book I first found, and it spread the message that you can feed yourself and your family well, and cheaply, on less than $50 a week per person - which is a pretty excellent price point if you ask me. Her books are available at plantplate.com

If you’re new to the idea of eating this way, or you’ve been curious about it but don’t know how to make the first steps away from the food you grew up knowing, or you're befuddled at the $10 macrobiotic sprouted tempeh that you think you need to put in each meal - this episode is for you. 

A warning, if you haven’t eaten yet and you’re listening to this on an empty stomach, you’ll want to cook something delicious today I can guarantee it. 

Emma’s a great chat, and we caught up over Skype from her home in Europe. Enjoy this conversation with Emma Roche.  

Until we speak next time, do what you can where you are with what you have, and urge those in power to do the right thing. 

Our Prime Minister’s number is:


(02) 6277 7700


(02) 6273 4100

Angus Taylor the Minister for Energy is 

Phone: (02) 6277 7710

And Melissa Price, Minister for the Environment is at 

Ph:  (02) 6277 4242

It’s up to us my friends. 

You can’t do everything, you can’t do nothing, but you can do something. 

So let’s do it.

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