Beckham-Mania, Italian Conspiracy & Ronaldo's Redemption: 2002 World Cup Revisited

Host Ian Irving is joined by The Athletic's Dominic Fifield and Laurie Whitwell to reflect on the 2002 World Cup in South Korea & Japan, twenty years on this week...
Uri Geller's bizarre effort to repair Beckham's broken metatarsal on live TV, Rivaldo's histrionics, Rustu's war-paint, South-Korean spirit, Roy Keane's civil war and whether or not Ronaldinho actually meant to catch Seaman out from that far away.
Plus, Mr Football Cliches, Adam Hurrey's own personal Top 5 moments, what happened when George Caulkin got caught in a lift with R9, if James Horncastle (and the rest of Italy) has finally forgiven referee Byron Moreno and more!
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