Ep. 13 The Normal World of Katarina Šarišská

In this episode of The Normal World, we'll dive into the world of Gymnastics. In this Dutch first episode of season 2, I spoke with Katarina Šarišská. She used to be an elite gymnast in Czechoslovakia and now she's an elite gymnastics coach at BATO Haarlem in The Netherlands. We spoke about the Moskow Olympics in 1980, how she came to The Netherlands, and how she dealt with quitting her gymnastics career.

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I hope by sharing this podcast I can help other ex-elite athletes or athletes that are going to retire. I also hope that this podcast will help me heal in the sense that I can create something I wish was there when I quit my elite career. Enjoy listening!

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Music used in the intro and outro of this podcast is We Are Free by Ikson


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