You Cannot Create Passive Income Passively

Nadia Busseuil & Nicole Carter, twin millionaires teach how to invest, make, and manage your money so that you can become Financially Independent and even fire your boss.

Nadia & Nicole are former Wall Street executives who has worked with some of the top investment banks in the world. They both possess Series 7 and 63 licenses and Nicole holds an MBA from NYU in Financial Instruments. They’re here to help you map out your route, point you in the right direction, and answer any questions you have when you reach a fork in the road.

Nadia and Nicole are known as the Wealth Twins. They are dedicated to increasing financial literacy of the masses. Their videos, courses, and newsletter will potentially help you reach financial independence, create passive income, and build generational wealth. They teach how to invest money in the stock market and wealth building through the accumulation of passive income producing assets. Their movement is to teach the masses to reach financial independence by increasing their financial knowledge as well as proactive money management and personal finance approaches.

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