Wellness Begins & Ends in Your Gut!

Josh Dech is an ex-paramedic, and Holistic Nutritionist, specializing in gut health. It was the successes his clients have had with complex digestive diseases, previously thought to be impossible, that got him connected to some of the world’s most renowned doctors.Since then, he’s been recruited to the Priority Health Academy as a medical lecturer, helping educate doctors on the holistic approach to gut health, and complex digestive issues. In addition, Josh is the host of ReversABLE: The Ultimate Gut Health Podcast.

Josh shares, "I have nothing to sell, and only information to give. At this stage of my career, my sole focus is providing people with the understanding that our guts are connected to 93% of the leading causes of death, and our gut microbiomes are intertwined with EVERY aspect of our health and wellbeing; And I think this information should be free for everyone."

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