Your First Seven Seconds Really Does Matter

With Robyn Balsley's many years in sales, she understands too well that it takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Many companies are realizing how their employees dress, whether in person or remote, matters more now than ever. Robyn is the Founder of Graceful Impression. She created a Professional Styling Workshop where you learn how you show up affects your attitude and performance, as well as the perception of you individually and your company as a whole. The workshop includes a mindset analysis - discussing the effect clothing has on the cognitive process, tips for organizing a closet to reduce overwhelm and how to establish a capsule wardrobe that will skyrocket confidence and improve performance. Robyn believes that it's time to get back to dressing from head-to-toe, and not just from the waist up - it can truly make all the difference from winning or losing business!

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