Gina Riley-The Career Velocity System

Gina Riley brings over 25 years of experience from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies and has a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design. With experience speaking at Portland's first Disrupt HR forum and the 2019 Career Thought Leaders Symposium, Gina is sought after for her thought leadership in the areas of professional networking and career development. Nothing motivates Gina more than taking complex material and synthesizing it down to create easy-to-understand frameworks. Her clients receive clear processes and instructive guardrails to tease out relevant aspects of their story that helps them show up as a modern, adaptive leader. Strengths, values, motivators and key business results are used to help leaders position themselves as a “Business In A Business” or a unique solutions provider.

As a Human Resources professional, Gina sits at the powerful convergence between Career Coaching, Executive Search, and Interview Skills Training. An authority in career transition, she is the creator of the Career Velocity™ System – a comprehensive solution that helps leaders and executives map out a transition strategy to last throughout their career. As a certified YouMap® coach, Gina uses a rare strength combination of focus and action to customize her model for each client. Gina’s unique approach helps leaders showcase themselves as a “Business Solution” and position themselves as authoritative problem solvers that accelerate career transition success.With leadership clients that span coast to coast, her clients say she “connects familiar dots in new ways” and “pulls back the curtain” to share unseen processes and unheard conversations from an executive recruiter’s perspective.

Gina offers a FREE 30-minute masterclass and accompanying workbook for people who want to start building their career transition strategy and plan today.For those who download and complete the webinar, She also offers a FREE 45-minute strategy call.

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