Dr. Stephan Neff - Anaesthetist, Bestselling Author, and Mental Health & Addiction Advocate

Dr. Stephan Neff is passionate about demystifying mental health problems and helping the people around him live a life so full of joy that yesterday is jealous of today. Stephan Neff is a doctor and has also been a patient. He's experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction first hand. Now he is determined to help others make sense of their emotions and experiences. However dark your situation appears to be, Stephan is living proof that mental health problems and addictions do lie to you. Every second gives you a new opportunity to turn your life around. As an anaesthetist living in New Zealand, Stephan has become a bestselling author and advocate for mental health and addiction. He is uniquely qualified in this role. A lifetime of trauma led Stephan to drown his sorrows and as an alcoholic in recovery, he has experienced addiction and mental health problems first hand. After successful rehabilitation Stephan is now an expert in living a life so fantastic, that alcohol has simply no role to play. He shares this passion through his podcast, YouTube channel, and other social media (all titled "Steps to Sobriety"). In his book "My Steps to Sobriety" he shares the lessons he has learned as a doctor and as a man. And the truth is simple - The past does not equal the future. Every alcoholic can turn his life around, one little decision at a time.

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