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Cari Vann is an entrepreneur, exercise physiologist & holistic movement mentor with 26 + years of experience both professionally and personally. She has helped many people transform their lives and go from living full of pain & fear to being empowered with lifelong tools for pain relief, injury prevention, and improved health and wellness. Over the span of 26 years, Cari has developed numerous ways to help people exercise safely. She loves to move and struggled with pain at an young age, which motivated her to find solutions. Cari created The Complete WellBody Method to help women over 40 integrate into their lives a balanced approach to exercise, so they can enjoy living healthy & pain-free. Pain with movement & stiff joints can leave some people feeling depressed, frustrated, and in fear of getting injured while doing the activities they love. Cari believes everybody should be able to move their bodies and enjoy their favorite activities without pain.

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