Barry Nicolauo-The Science of How Thoughts Become Things

Barry Nicolauo is an international best-selling author, mentor and coach. Barry's ability to locate and define his true purpose in assisting others began in 2015. The inspiration absorbed by Barry one fateful day at a cemetery led him to write and publish his #1 Best Selling book on Amazon. His book; The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment outlines the 11 areas that intersect economic freedom with personal fulfillment. His forte' is in deconstructing the layers beneath cognitive fear, indecision, subconscious paradigms, inherited thinking, habitual thinking and their intimate relationship to real-world expectations and experiences.

His new presentation on Gratitude Leadership for corporations and numerous mental health programs that have been added to his 1-1 work, assisting businesses to take a holistic look at their culture as an 'energy' that feeds straight to the bottom line. Barry touches on the following topics: The Science of Creative Visualization; Why corporate culture directly reflects talent and retention; Identifying healthy and unhealthy Inherited and habitual thinking; and The power of subconscious paradigms as a way to fulfillment.

Barry believes to understand how our very thoughts can sabotage or assist us in creating the life we want is the most pressing conversation of our time. By doing so we not only improve our own life, but become beacons of light to those around us also considering making a positive shift.

Barry's second book-Move The Mountain will be released February 2023.

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