Trump’s New Indictment Is Truly Making America Great Again

The orange skies must have been a premonition for the news that former President Donald Trump has been indicted on federal charges. Hosts Danielle Moodie and Andy Levy tackle this breaking news at the top of the episode, along with a SCOTUS semi-win, and the one good thing Chris Christie has done lately (and it’s not running for president.) Then, Congressman Ruben Gallego, who’s trying to become Arizona Senator Ruben Gallego, tells Andy why people should vote for him and not Kyrsten Sinema and Dr. Melissa Gonzales, a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, tells Danielle what caused this “tinderbox” of wildfires, what is really happening when you’re standing outside directly in that air, and the likelihood of this happening again.

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