The Desperate Laundering of the Trump Reputations w/ Michael Wolff

“There has been no detail that has come out that has been different than the four years we saw him do in office,” Slade Sohmer, editor in chief of The Recount, says on the latest episode of The New Abnormal. But no one knows image rehabilitation better than Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner—in fact, they’ve been doing it for years, Sohmer says. “‘Sources close to Jared and Ivanka say’ was the most used phrase in print of the Trump administration,” he adds. Next guest Michael Wolff, the author of the new book Landslide, his third about Trump, says it’s clear that some Trumpworld figures are trying to redeem themselves in the new Trump books. “I don't think that anybody is pleased,” he says of their post-Trump prospects. “I don't think anyone finds themselves where they would otherwise have hoped they would be after working in a senior job in the White House.” Last on the show is Sen. Jeff Merkley, who breaks down the chances for the massive infrastructure bill, whether the filibuster will survive, and more.

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