Family Cuts Off Alleged Area Sex Criminal Prince Andrew w/ Ian Dunt

“He’s essentially persona non grata in the royal family, and you know, the royal family survives because – it may look like this sort of a constitutional structure made entirely of cobwebs, but in fact it's got a really kind of canny PR operation behind it,” says Dunt. “And they know when to cut their losses. It’s a family, kind of, but it's not a family like any other kind of family. And when you got a bad (one) in there, you are gonna cut your losses and that's pretty much what they've done. ”The no-longer royal highness may not have regular people money worries, says Dunt, but “maybe more of a struggle is the complete reputational collapse that he's experienced over this period. And that goes quite deep. I mean, it's more, even than the moral outrage, it's also that he is now a very regular figure of mockery. If you saw the interview where he said that he was incapable of physically sweating, that has never gone away. Pretty much anytime anyone in conversation mentions the subject of sweat… that is the joke that will follow.” Plus, Dunt tells Americans what Boris Johnson’s friends call him (it isn’t Boris), co-host Andy Levy considers the civil case against the Trumps and lets the world know that, just like Letitia James, he won’t be running for governor of New York, and New York Times reporter Peter S. Goodman discusses his new book, Davos Man, about how billionaires devoured the world.


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