Eric Swalwell: 'We Aren't Being Told the Truth About Russia'

Rep. Eric Swalwell brought the real talk on the latest episode of THE NEW ABNORMAL. He told Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson that he’s “afraid” America’s intelligence agencies aren’t telling “the truth about what Russia is doing” to sabotage election 2020. Swalwell offered BS-free assessments of the Mueller probe — “Trump got his way and we lost" — and impeachment, telling Rick and Molly, “I don't think we would have moved forward with impeachment if we were in a pandemic.” Swalwell also came clean about his quarantine beard, his blink-and-you’d-miss-it presidential run, and the “ankle monitor [Donald Trump needs.” Plus! Rick and Molly dish on the Florida’s dumbest election, the Trump campaign’s cannibal clan, and the “competition of the dumbfuck supervillians.”


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