BONUS: Trump Wants Ivanka to Carry the Dynasty. But Jr. Speaks Dick Fluently.

“It’s all over but the crying,” says Rick Wilson in the second-ever The New Abnormal LIVE, alongside co-host Molly Jong-Fast, The Beast’s legal columnist Jay Michaelson and Daily Beast Politics Director Sam Stein. While the official results won’t be verified for a few days, especially given these extremely close swing state races and runoffs happening in Georgia, there is strong reason to believe that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. One thing we all know for sure: Trump isn’t going down without kicking, screaming and lying as much as humanly possible. If he officially loses, Rick predicts, his behavior over the next few months might get worse. There will be a slew of “executive orders, he’ll commute a bunch of scumbags, and undermine Biden’s legitimacy,” Rick says. “Shit could still really hit the fan,” adds Jay. However, Sam thinks he’ll work more covertly and “give the reins to Pence, cover his tracks.” An Ivanka as VP joke slid in there, but is it really a joke? The group surmises who Trump will dub heir to the Trump political dynasty (“Like the Kennedys, but orange,” says Molly). Ivanka would make sense, but Jr. deserves more credit here as caring on Trumpism 2.0: “He speaks dick fluently.” As for Trump, they discuss his likelihood of running again in 2024, maybe alongside Tucker Carlson?, what Georgia being such a close race means for the Repubican party and how Biden will handle the COVID-19 chaos Trump is leaving behind. Plus! Can Trump convince Biden to pardon him? Maybe. But he definitely won’t be the powerful figure he was pre-presidency, says Rick: “He may get another reality show, but he’s not going to be the billionaire development figure he plays in his head.”


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