The changing nature of violent extremism: challenges in a new age

How has violent extremism evolved in recent decades?  

Why do the words used to discuss and describe extremism matter so much? 

And what challenges will governments, communities and individuals face in combating these threats in the digital age? 

In this episode, Dr Emily Corner, Lydia Khalil, and Professor Michele Grossman join Gai Brodtmann to discuss the evolution of violent extremism, and how these changes create new challenges for policymakers. 

Dr Emily Corner is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University and has worked extensively on projects examining terrorism, radicalisation, and the mental disorders associated with terrorist behaviour.  

Lydia Khalil is a Research Fellow on transnational challenges at the Lowy Institute and manages the Digital Threats to Democracy Project. 

Professor Michele Grossman AM is the Research Chair, Diversity and Community Resilience at Deakin University. She is a renowned expert in the areas of violent extremism, radicalisation, and community engagement. 

Gai Brodtmann is a Distinguished Advisor at the ANU National Security College, having previously served as a diplomat, defence consultant, Member of Parliament, Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security and Defence and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence. 

Show notes:  


This episode was first published Thursday, September 14, 2023 

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