Gaining strategic advantage through cultural and linguistic diversity

Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) population is under-represented in the national security community.  

In the latest National Security Podcast mini-series, Olivia Shen and Meg Tapia explore this gap — its causes, effects and potential solutions — and analyse the role of CALD in promoting strategic advantage.


Coinciding with Harmony Week, in the first episode of the mini-series, Carl Chang from the Office of National Intelligence joins Olivia and Meg. They unpack what CALD is and its value in a security context, sharing stories of how they each ended up in the national security community.


Carl Chang is co-leader of the Mission Management Division at the Office of National Intelligence (ONI) and is ONI's Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Champion.


Olivia Shen is a Director in the Executive and Professional Development team at the ANU National Security College.


Meg Tapia is Principal Director of Defence and National Security at Accenture Australia.

Show notes: 


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