The biotechnology revolution: opportunities for the Quad

Why is biotechnology so strategically important? 

How can the Quad successfully compete with China to harness the opportunities it presents? 

And what is at stake if ethical leadership in this field falters? 

In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Dirk van der Kley joins David Andrews to discuss the strategic importance of biotechnology and tangible ways the Quad can deliver collaborative leadership in this crucial area. 

Dr Dirk van der Kley is a Research Fellow at the ANU National Security College who specialises on technology competition and innovation between the US and China, with a particular interest in biological technologies. 

David Andrews is Policy Manager at the ANU National Security College.  


Show notes:  

  • ANU National Security College academic programs: find out more 
  • A strategy for Quad biotechnology collaboration by Dirk van der Kley and Daniel Pavlich: read more 
  • Quad Tech Network: find out more 


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