Why big tech is now in the geopolitical driver’s seat

Technological innovation is now one of the most consequential realms of geopolitical contestation. And in the era of big tech, the private sector has assumed power that once resided with governments. In response, we’ve seen a reassertion of industry policy, with governments trying to re-establish control. 

What happens to Australia’s national security when private companies, such as TikTok, are in the geopolitical driver’s seat?  

And how can policymakers keep up with this ever-changing industry? 

In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Bec Shrimpton from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, joins Katherine Mansted in conversation to explore the rapidly changing landscape of big tech. 

Bec Shrimpton is the Director, Defence Strategy and National Security at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Katherine Mansted is a Senior Fellow at the ANU National Security College, and the Executive Director, Cyber Intelligence at CyberCX

Show notes:  

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This episode was first published on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

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