Audiopaper | New Indo-Pacific partnership: building Australia-Bangladesh security ties

This episode of the National Security Podcast brings you an audiopaper from the Policy Options Paper series, the flagship publication of ANU National Security College. New Indo-Pacific partnership: Building Australia-Bangladesh security ties is authored by David Brewster, Senior Research Fellow at ANU National Security College.


As part of its Indo-Pacific strategy, Australia needs to broaden its engagement in South Asia. For at least a decade, Australia has rightly concentrated on its partnership with India, but it is now time to broaden that strategy to include other countries in that region. Bangladesh should be an important part of that new focus. With its thriving economy and a population of more than 160 million, it has the potential to become the next ‘Asian tiger’. In this Policy Options Paper, David Brewster argues the case for why Australia should develop its defence and security relationship with Bangladesh as part of broader political and economic engagement, and outlines how this could be achieved.


Policy Options Papers offer short, evidence-based and forward-looking insights and recommendations for policymakers on topical national security issues facing Australia. Every paper in the series is informed by consultation, and reviewed by practitioner and academic experts.


Dr David Brewster is a Senior Research Fellow at the ANU National Security College. His research focuses on security in India and the Indian Ocean region, and Indo-Pacific maritime affairs.

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