The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek, Trailer2

Jo, after experiencing a stressy English exam finds Eiki under her school desk. After asking Eiki to travel her into the village the two friends experience a mishap and find themselves travelling out of control ending up on the other side of the World. A new adventure starts when they meet the Mac Gulpa’s and Mac Slurpa’s. This could finally be the discovery Jo was hoping for. Once again, their eyes are opened to a new way of looking at our existence.  The main theme is acceptance and friendship.

Based on the books written by Queensland children’s author Susan Pease, The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek features a cast of Australian and International actors.

The story revolves around Jo - a young girl with a special relationship with the Australian bush and the fantastic creatures she meets there. With strong environmental messages and themes of taking responsibility for your actions, it is sure to both entertain and educate children young and old. Season two is full of magic, adventures and highlights the need to accept differences and embrace different cultures with love and understanding.


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