William Boyd - The Flaming Terrapin (Part 1)

Oh to be sitting in front of a roaring fire at your favourite pub. Book in one hand, pint in the other... is there any better feeling? It's almost impossible to capture the sheer perfection of such a moment in print. However, a handful of writers have been able to bring moments like that to life, and this week's guest is one of the finest novelists the Other Realm has ever produced. It's the incredible William Boyd.

William is an acclaimed author whose works of fiction have been celebrated the world over. His novels include A Good Man in Africa, The New Confessions and Any Human Heart, and his latest book The Romantic has received widespread critical acclaim. His experiences in pubs all over the world have helped him create pubs in his own pieces of fiction, meaning that he arrives at The Moon Under Water armed with a deep knowledge of what makes the perfect drinking establishment.. and we cannot wait for him to join us. 

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