Tony Livesey - The Royal Dyche II (Part 1)

There is a certain subset of people who have the unique ability to condense even the grandest of stories into a digestible three minute chunk. They don't deal with filler - they get to the point end on a laugh. We are, of course, talking about radio presenters. And because of their unique ability to capture the attention of almost anyone (depending on which station you listen to) they make brilliant pub guests. Joining us this week is one such presenter. Like Blackburn, Burden, Wallece, Hope and Adebayo before him we welcome another gold standard presenter: it's the inimitable Tony Livesey.

Tony can currently be heard keeping the nation informed on 5 Live Drive alongside Clare McDonnell, but before he ventured into broadcasting he had a very different job: he was the editor-in-chief of the Daily Sport - the home of sensational headlines. We're sure Tony has plenty of juicy stories about the heady days of 90s journalism, but we're equally as excited to hear about his very own dream pub. So join us, as he wends his merry way into The Moon Under Water.

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