Tim Key - The Springfield Tavern (Part 1)

There are many types of ‘key’ on this Earth. There are those that can be played to create beautiful melodies. There are those that grant us entry through locked doors or into someone’s heart. There are those that can be pressed to type out podcast descriptions. There are even keys that can be used to unlock evenings of joy and wonder - and joining us this week in one such key. Making their way through the the doors of The Moon Under Water’s LIVE doors is comedian, actor and poet; the one and only Tim Key!

Tim is one of the great comic voices of his generation, having starred in the likes of Peep Show and Taskmaster as well as playing “Sidekick Simon” in This Time with Alan Partridge and Mid Morning Matters. But aside from his comedy exploits he’s also an expert pintsman, and has been the mastermind of many a legendary pub crawl. He may not end up creating the most balanced pub, but you can be sure that it’ll be one of the most entertaining!

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