Sindhu Vee - The Mended Heart (Part 1)

The humble pub is a place that is celebrated the world over. Whether it be an alehouse in Adelaide or a tavern in Tallinn each country seems to have it’s own publy traditions and styles that date back hundreds of years. Our guest this week is someone that has lived in a whole host of countries around the globe and, as a result, has experienced many different types of drinking establishment. It’s comedian, writer and actor Sindhu Vee.

Despite only taking up stand-up 10 years ago Sindhu has become one of the big players in the comedy game. She’s appeared on Mock The Week, Would I Lie To You?, Have I Got News For You, Starstruck and Sex Education - all whilst touring around the world. She’s also a serial pub-goer who has indulged in her fair share of sessions. But what shape will her dream pub take? Join us at The Moon Under Water to find out.

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