Shaun Keaveny (Part One)

Some people like pubs. Some people would go as far as saying they love pubs. And some people - like our guest this week - have a connection to pubs that's bordering on being spiritual. He has beams and fixtures flowing through his very being, and you'd be hard pushed to find someone as passionate about alehouses as he is. We are so excited to be welcoming one of the UK's most beloved broadcasters into The Moon Under Water: it's only Shaun Keaveny!

Shaun has a very special claim to fame: he's one of the only other people to have run their very own mystical pub, The Open Arms. Put it's time for him to head into the Correct Realm where Robbie and Dan await him with open arms, and we can't wait to listen with glee as his own dream pub comes to live.

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