Self Esteem - Big Becky's Big Bar (Part 2)

*This is part 2 of Self Esteem's episode. Though you are free to listen in whichever order you so desire we really do recommend listening to part 1 first or things might be slightly confusing*

Having live music at The Moon Under Water has always been a point of contention with our guests (CC: Tim key). Some people love it, some people aren’t so sure. However, everyone would be in agreement that a live singalong would be a MUST if this week’s guest was to walk into any alehouse; whether it’s in the further realm or not. In our final live episode we are so excited to welcome singer-songwriter and genuine music royalty Rebecca Lucy Taylor… aka Self Esteem! 

It’s safe to say that Self Esteem is going to be HUGE. Her latest album Prioritise Please is an absolute smash hit and has been met with 5 star reviews across the board. But the question is: will her ‘Pub of the Mind’ be met with equally good reviews? She’s a massive fan of pubs, so we’ve got some very high expectations. 

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