Rhys James - The Hope That Kills You (Part 1)

There's a disturbance at The Moon Under Water. Yes, if you look out the foggy windows you'll notice that the Mists are starting to sway... and that can only mean one thing. It looks like a guest is about to enter the vacinity and we are so excited, because making their way into the Correct Realm is the wonderful Rhys James!

Rhys is one of the UK's most beloved comedians, and he heralds from the coolest city in the world. That's right: Swindon. Not only is it the home of XTC, Gilbert O'Sullivan and Dean Ashton, it's also the home to some cracking boozers, and we can't wait to hear about some of Rhys's favourites. But don't just expect him to lament about Swindon; we're sure he's going to tick-off plenty of Wiltshere's big hitters; such as Cricklade, Wilton and Amesbury. Rhys is currently on tour! Look him up in your mind and treat yourself to a wonderful night in the Other Realm.

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