Reece Hugill - The Twerking Men's Club (Part 1)

There's something mystical about the regional variations of beer. You walk into a pub far from home, and you're presented with something that's as unique as it is tasty. It might be a special mix, it might be in a special glass... maybe you have to kiss a fish before being allowed to drink (CC. Angela Barnes). This week's guest LOVES a regional beer, and he also knows a thing or two about brewing: it's Reece Hugill, founder of Donzoko Brewing!

Like may brewers Reece comes from a chemistry background, which means he's studied beer on an atomic level. He loves everything about beer, and takes pride in making sure that every aspect of his creations is perfect. And as for regional beers? Well, you're about to learn about some of the most interesting drinks available in the Other Realm...

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