Pat Sharp - The Fun Free House (Part 1)

Pubs are fun aren't they? Whether it's a good old knees up, a debate about what the best can design of all time, or a challenge to see who can fit the most pork scratchings in their mouth there's always something going on that will provide sufficient entertainment for the evening. If you're looking for an alehouse that, above everything else, will be fun then you best follow this week's guest. It's the founder of the concept of fun - it's Pat Sharp!

Pat is one of the UK's most beloved broadcasters, having appeared on our screens and in our ears since the early 80's; and above all he's known for being one of the nicest people around. Like Tony Blackburn before him, he has an uncanny ability to condense every story into a digestible 90 second snippet - and for that he's potentially the perfect pub guest.

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