Olly Smith - The Goonies (Part 2)

*This is the second part of Olly Smith's episode. Though you are free to listen in whichever order you so desire we really do recommend listening to part 1 first or things might be slightly confusing*

It’s Saturday morning. You wake up, bleary eyed and unsure as to whether you’re still in a dream or not. You slightly overdid it in the mystical realm last night, thinking you had a bit more magic left in you than you actually did. You seek solace in the living room, hangover cure of choice in hand. What you need right now is a comforting voice, someone who is going to tell you that everything is going to be okay. And as you turn to the television for salvation you realise that your prayers are answered, because looking back at you is this week’s guest at The Moon Under Water telling you two things: that everything is going to be okay, and that Sangiovese goes great with steak. It’s award winning wine expert, television presenter and musician Olly Smith!

Olly is known to many as the wine expert from Saturday Kitchen, but he’s also known as one of the friendliest people on Earth. His positivity is contagious, and he somehow manages to lift everyone around him onto his level of happiness. He’s also a musician, and in 2020 released his debut single ‘Snow On The Borderline’… Has anyone brought a guitar?

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