Mark Steel - This Pub's in Town (Part 1)

As many of you may know The Moon Under Water takes its name from an essay written by George Orwell, in which he outlines his idea of the perfect pub; what it looks like, what it contains, what fixtures and fittings are present. Earlier this month Landlord John and Robin ventured into the Other Realm to record a special LIVE episode as part of the Orwell Festival. Live from The Marquis Cornwallis in Central London (just round the corner from a blue plaque celebrating Orwell) they were joined by a guest who not only loves pubs, he knows a fair bit about Orwell too. It’s comedian, author and broadcaster Mark Steel!

Mark is one of the most beloved broadcasters in the UK. He regularly appears on radio and television, and his series Mark Steel’s In Town is famous for documenting towns around the UK that don’t often get much coverage (and his research often involves visiting pubs in said towns). 

We all know what happens when John, Robin and a guest are put into a REAL pub, so prepare to immerse yourself in The Moon Under Water once more.

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