Johnny White Really-Really - Cachot's Folly (Part 1)

Over the years Landlord John and Robin have spent many an evening in the Other Realm sampling all the delights that are on offer. Though they don't get total control of what drinks are available to them it does give them the opportunity to meet up with friends who might not always be available to live in the Correct Realm. One such person that has experienced many a lash with John and Robin is this week's guest; it's comedian and musician Johnny White Really-Really!

Johnny is as much of a legend on the UK pub scene as he is on the UK comedy scene. He loves establishments of all shapes and sizes, but he might be slightly more particular when it comes to what drinks stock his dream bar. Will he take into account John and Robins preferences? Will it be a pub for everyone? Or will he go all out and choose drinks that only Johnny White Really-Really would like?

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