Jason Williamson (Part One)

It might come as a shock to many of you, but over the years The Moon Under Water has served as a place for some of the best musicians to share stories, hone their craft, and generally get creative. For example, did you know that Brian Wilson wrote "God Only Knows" whilst changing some barrels in the cellar? And Beyonce was inspired to write "Crazy In Love" after seeing Landlord Robbie staring at the pump clip of one of the guest ales? This week we're joined by another musician, who's ready to get creative with designing his dream pub. It's Sleaford Mods vocalist Jason Williamson.

As a member of Sleaford Mods Jason has travelled the globe sharing his music with millions; and for those of you interested in seeing them live they're about to embark on a UK tour! Though Jason no longer drinks alcohol, here at The Moon Under Water we feel it's important that EVERYONE can enjoy pubs, and we can't wait to hear what his sober pub looks like.

Have you got a message you want to send to the landlord? If so, send it to robbie@moonunderpod.com.

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