Jaega Wise - The Tavern On The Hill (Part 1)

What is the GREATEST job in the Other Realm? Beer mat designer? Pub architect? Hop farmer? Whilst these are all good suggestions there's surely only one thing that every beer lover wants to do... and that's be a brewer. You pick the flavours, you pick the strength, you pick the name; what's not to love?! And this week's guest is not only a brewer... she's been crowned Brewer of the Year on two different occasions; it's Jaega Wise! 

Jaega is the head brewer and co-founder of Wild Card Brewing, and what she doesn't know about beer isn't worth knowing! She's also a judge on Beer Masters and can often be heard on BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme discussing all things alcohol. She also recently opened up her own pub in Walthamstow, so it seems very fitting that she's about to make her way into the Correct Realm to create her dream tavern.

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