Isy Suttie - The Suttie and Sup (Part 1)

As we all know The Moon Under Water is the most famous pub in the further realm. It is the pub that exists in everyone’s mind, populated only by one’s pleasures and desires and inaccessible to anyone from within your mind’s eye. However, over the past few months The Moon Under Water has opened it’s doors in the Earthly realm, welcoming people from up and down the country to witness guests create their pubs LIVE in front of their eyes… and today is the day that the first of such meetings can be shared with you. Creating their dream pub from within a real pub in this week’s episode is none other than actor, comedian and writer Isy Suttie!

Isy is one of the most beloved personalities from these shores, appearing in TV show’s such as Peep Show, Skins, Shameless and Man Down. She’s also an author, and recently released her latest book ‘Jane Is Trying’. It’s not about someone trying various different beers, but it is an incredible read. She also recently contributed to ‘Public House: A Cultural and Social History of the London Pub’, writing about the pub’s role in promoting and hosting stand-up comedy. Basically, she loves pubs and we can’t wait to hear about her ‘Pub of the Mind’.

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