Henry Jeffreys - The Black & White Striped Unicorn (Part 2)

*This is part 2 of Henry Jeffreys's episode. Though you are free to listen in whichever order you so desire we really do recommend listening to part 1 first or things might be slightly confusing*

Is there a better feeling than settling in at your favourite watering hole, drink in hand, and a good book to keep you company? Probably not, but one thing is for certain: if you were to be reading a copy of Empire of Booze by Henry Jeffreys you'd probably be sitting there until the book is finished (which probably means you'd finish a good few pints too). It's an absolute page-turner, and a book that anyone intrigued by the history and alcohol should have in their own personal library. Now if only we could talk to the author himself to pick his brain... Oh look! Can you believe it? Heading towards The Moon Under Water is the actual Henry Jeffreys!

Henry is a drinks expert and author whose work has appeared in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, BBC Good Food and Master of Malt amongst others. He started out writing a blog about alcohol before moving onto books and his works have been celebrated by people far and wide. Expect a thorough, well informed pub to appear from his mind! 

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